Wednesday, August 20, 2014

And so it begins!

Three months ago as the beautiful, lazy summer stretched before me I could not possibly imagine excitement for the next school year. I loved the thought of having my kids 24-7. Molding every thought, answering every question, allowing endless imaginative play, sleeping in. All this in tandem with making frequent trips to the pool in order to survive the steamy temperatures.
Yes, most of that did happen; among many road trips, multiple visitors and probably hundreds of time-outs. Ah, the joys of sibling togetherness and summer indulgence. We did embrace every moment, grew more in love with each other and even managed a nice tan in the process.

Did I say I couldn't have imagined being excited for a new school year? Well, as is meant to be, the last few months have reminded me how grateful I am for our Christian education that we sacrifice for, so we can have the luxury of having another gifted human being enjoy our children a few hours a day, four days a week.
He'll be doing 1 day of preschool, but has already begun speech therapy (he loves both!!) 
A lot of miles will be put on the 14 year old minivan, many projects finished last minute, hundreds of (ok, at least 50) books read, lunches packed, and lost patience as we try to get out the door on time. So much is required in our unique parent partnership school, but it is so worth everything; right at this moment.
1st day of 1st grade. Loving her ensemble!

1st day of 2nd grade! She's already in love with her teacher. Tired smile from no sleep because she got too excited.
And so it begins! I know I will forget to cross all the 't's' and dot all the 'i's', but I will fall more in love with my children, enjoy 3 hours of kid-freeness (is that a word?) a week and once again build up anticipation for our next summer together.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Family picture by Heather

You may of noticed my two year absence, but most likely it is limited to an audience of about 5 or less. That's ok. Who knew the blog fad would last this long and be such a central piece of many of our lives. Ha! Obviously, I am a slow learner.
Regardless of the millions of blogs out there, I decided I should keep this piece of web real estate and do something with it. What exactly; I am not sure. Waiting is sometimes sitting and resting, but there are often lots that we should/can do as we wait. Hmmm, I think I wrote a post on that subject before.
Much has happened in two years, most that could be summed up in pictures and a few words. If you have young children you've heard many times; 'The days are long, but the years are short' and oh. my. that is true. These last two years have been very different though, as the kids have grown into such a fun and more 'manageable' stage. For the first few years, it was all about surviving, but the last two years we've finally begun to thrive. Part of that was learning to be more intentional and realizing I needed to because the time was precious. So, as I've been learning how to do this, some of what I enjoyed went on the back burner, but now it is time.
Many prayers, questions, books, loads of laundry and thousands of meals later I come back to this. A little place that may never amount to anything, but might bring me some joy. A time to write outside my personal journal; to someone, even if it is just one.
I'm fairly certain, it won't be everyday, but I hope once a week. I might talk about some of those stellar books I've read or maybe just share about the birthday celebration we've had. Who knows, I might delve into the deeper issues of the day, but mostly it will be as I 'feel' led. Feelings aren't truth, but sometimes they can steer us in the right direction.
On that note, I will leave you with this. Our pastor's wife spoke for our quarterly 'Girls Night' and shared a fantastic word on "Faith or Feelings?". The link will take you to a list of podcasts that can be opened in iTunes for easy listening. (it's free!)
Love all who took the time to read this!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another Birthday!

Well, I really did plan to do this the day of his birthday, but Photobucket and I don't always get along. It seems they probably made things new and improved, but I can't figure the dang thing out. Anyone have an opinion about Flickr?
Beside my technological ineptness, Myles' birthday was perfect! Truly such a special, special day.  The girls both have school on Monday's and we had some plumbing issues at home which needed Spencer's attention; i.e. backed up sewage in the basement. Gross! I digress. We dropped the girls off, which allowed Spencer to get to see their classrooms and meet the teachers. Since he leaves at 6:15 every morning he misses all the school getting ready, drop off fun. Oh, and let me tell you it is fun. ha!
We decided we needed to start the day off right with coffee (for us) and a donut for Myles. He got to pick it out himself and enjoyed every bite. He was such hoot to watch eat that thing, icing and sprinkles first. After that we headed to the zoo to get a few animals in before we had to meet the plumber back home. It was so great to just have one kid!!! Don't get me wrong, but it was almost like a date with just one child to take around. We basically did all the "rides" through the zoo and savored the ideal weather. Since Myles still doesn't talk, we mostly had  uninterrupted conversation. He fell asleep on the way back; which was totally unlike him, we picked up Haydee and then got back in time for the plumber. Yeah! No more poop in our basement.
After swim lessons and dinner Myles got to rip into some of his gifts. It was so sweet how he oohed and aah-ed over every gift and wanted to take time to play with each one. He truly got so much joy over every item wrapped for him. I loved it!
We topped the evening off with some DQ ice cream and some Facetime with Gram and Papau while he opened the toys they sent.
Myles is so much fun and I still am praising the Lord for giving me a boy. Such a unique adventure after muddling through trying to get two girls through their toddler years. He loves to wrestle, hit things, throw things, and yet he is my tenderhearted cuddle-bug; if he sits still long enough. Having learned a few things with the first two I also enjoy being a parent to him even more. Some of the mystery is figured out, I suppose. Or maybe, I have just learned to relax a bit more and treasure the simple moments. Which is probably why even though his vocabulary is fairly limited I am not stressing about it too much. He cracks everybody up with his caveman grunts and clever ways of communicating without words. I mean the kid has got it figured out; I think he just enjoys not having to make the effort of forming words and yet gets everything he wants. Males. I know what you are thinking, and yes, I have spent over 20 minutes trying to get him to say something he wants before I give it to him, but this guy is as stubborn as his sisters,combined. He loves animals now, plastic, stuffed and real. Cars, trains, and planes. Old-school Fisher Price people and playing outside. If everything could be outside, he would be in heaven.
Enjoy the pictures, you'll have to click the link and it will open in another window.
Happy Birthday sweet boy!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012


I know, I've been terrible. I tend to do things in spurts, I've noticed. I do so great for awhile, but then I fall off the horse. At least that is just with the blog, well, maybe just the blog. Wish I could be superwoman!
We had a great Spring, enjoyed playing outside everyday thoroughly enjoying our cul-de-sac. What an incredible blessing our new neighborhood is, it is amazing, truly. They threw us a block party, which was lovely and they happily enjoy all the noise our kiddos make playing early in the morning. I finished some projects before our Memorial Weekend Wicks/Hansen reunion and then summer hit. Company, trip #1, trip #2, swim a little, trip #3, more company, wicked heat, and now we are squeezing in playdates before trip #4! I haven't taken a single picture with our really nice camera because Instagram has taken over my life, but I sure am thankful for it! My in-laws are on it and it so kindly posts to FB where my dad and siblings can see what we are up too. Lately, we don't even need to call and talk, because they know what is going on. My mom on the other hand....
So, I have no pictures to upload, just crazy stories of all the driving WITHOUT air conditioning, how amazing the girls can swim, Myles's spider bite and being cured of his fear of dogs, and how HOT Missouri can get in the summer. So, now I am reminded to walk around and take some pictures of the little updates in the house, which will motivate me to do more projects, which will make me too busy to write on the blog... I kid; sort of.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring has sprung

We've lived in Kansas City for three years. It seems longer some days and yet other times I can't believe its been that long. Now that we've bought a house, it feels more like home and I've learn to appreciate almost everything here, except the summer humidity. Along with everyone else in the US we've had crazy weather and even broke a few record high's in March. I wanted to make sure document some of the beauty of our Midwest neighborhood. We knew the outside of our house would look more appealing come summer, but it has been fun to discover a whole new aspect of this home we love. Happy Spring!

Monday, March 19, 2012

18 months

 Goodness! Myles is 18 months! I figured I'd better post this before that is no longer the case. He loves hamming it up for the camera, can you tell? His first ice cream cone. Usually, he has to share with the girls or mom or dad, but we decided to splurge and put up with the mess. What a mess it was, but worth it. He is such a little man! Always wanting to follow daddy around, playing with any tools that he can get his hands on and trying to mimic the projects. I really need to video it sometime. He doesn't have much to say, so the pediatrician did recommend speech therapy, but I still feel like it's because he's a boy, the third, and his sisters just take up all the communication time. Regardless, he communicates just fine and can follow direction implicitly well, except when he doesn't want to. His favorite toys are the spray bottles and dirty towels under my kitchen sink, I kid you not. He really enjoys pretending to clean our floors and appliances, if only it wasn't a health hazard. These days are going so fast; I try hard to soak in all the precious and even the not so precious moments.


Yep, there's an app for that. It is also a web site, another fun thing to waste valuable time on. I have been inspired though and also made to feel very, well, inadequate among other things. I am not a naturally creative, artistic person nor am I a great decorator, so I heavily rely upon web sites like Houzz and Pinterest. Before them, I would actually have to ask our friends for advice or heaven forbid a decorator! I kid. I am a person who prefers to take a systematic approach to things, like I want to have all the walls painted in the house and all the items purchased to put on those walls to lay out and hem and ha over their permanent location. It is true, I have a fear of commitment, especially when it means putting a hole in the wall, so I have to take my time. These decisions should not be made lightly people!!! It doesn't help that my wonderful husband has strong opinions and often not running in the same vein as me. We have persevered though, and even though all our walls are not painted as I hope, we put some holes in the walls and hung some pieces new and not so new.
Here are a few new additions to the house, including our hearth room I've pictured before. What a difference a rug makes, eh? Love it and super inexpensive at Walmart.

My mother-in-law made these beautiful curtains. I knew that was the material for me as soon I saw it and so thankful Linda could take it home and whip these up faster that I even imagined!
This is in our massive entryway. Another part I love and my father-in-law is building us a small table to place opposite our door. I can't wait to see it. Aren't we spoiled? The chairs are from a church camp Linda's family used to go to and she thinks they are around 100 years old. She fixed them up years ago and saved one for each of her kids to have. We finally have the space and it is perfect. These were those vinyl words you can buy most home decorating places and the cross is made of metal pieces shaped to look like wood. Of course, this is where Spencer and I differ on tastes, but I am really thrilled how it turned out and thanks to him it is actually straight!
This is our master bedroom and bathroom. We have 5 closets in our bathroom- it is crazy and I hope we never fill them! We love all the room we have and eventually I hope to add a sitting area, curtains and more pictures, but I might have to paint a few more walls before I can commit to too much more.